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Updated August 16th 2023
Revision: 9

This page provides information about our policies regarding the acceptance of entry fees and the procedures for entry fee reimbursements.

Table of Contents

Activating Entry Fees on Melee

To start accepting entry fees, you need to link a PayPal account to your Organization through the Edit Organization page. By activating entry fees, you are accepting the Melee Terms of Service and adhering to the community guidelines and policies of the game of the tournament you're hosting.

Note: Organizers can utilize any method for collecting entry fees, provided that one of them is via the Melee website. A 5% platform fee will be applied for entries received outside of the Melee platform. This fee will be deducted from the entry fee reimbursement sent to the organizer, or invoiced later if the tournament's reimbursement doesn't cover these fees.

Exceptions include:

Payment Methods

Players can use various payment methods to cover entry fees, with no extra setup required by the organizer. Please note that not all payment methods are accessible on every device and in every region.

American Express Logo, accepted payment method on Melee Discover Logo, accepted payment method on Melee Mastercard Logo, accepted payment method on Melee Visa Logo, accepted payment method on Melee
Union Pay Logo, accepted payment method on Melee PayPal Logo, accepted payment method on Melee Venmo Logo, accepted payment method on Melee


Organizers can choose their preferred currency from the options listed below. This chosen currency will be used for all transactions, including the payment of entry fees by players and payout to the organizer.

For all currencies other than USD, payment can only be made via the PayPal portal*. In this case, entry fees will remain stored in PayPal until reimbursements are processed, thus avoiding exchange rate fees.

*The PayPal portal allows individuals without a PayPal account to pay with a credit/debit card.


Please note that refunds are always issued in the same currency as the original payment was received, ensuring consistency and avoiding any complications due to currency exchange rates.

Refund Fees

Third-party payment processors, such as Stripe or PayPal, charge a fee whenever a payment is refunded. When a player is refunded or a tournament is canceled, the organizer is responsible for fees charged by a third-party payment processor. Those fees will be deducted from the reimbursement for that tournament or invoiced if the reimbursement amount is not sufficient to cover them.


Should a player contest a payment, Melee will inform the Organizer, who will then decide the preferred method for dispute resolution. Organizers are responsible for all third-party processing fees that arise during the resolution process.

Fee Structure

Additional third-party processing fees, Melee platform fees, and per-transaction fees apply to all entry fees, over and above the entry fee set by the organizer. This fee structure can change, and is detailed below:

Currency Type Third-party Processing Fees Melee Platform Fees Per-transaction Fee Min. Application Fee Min. Entry Fee
US Dollar Tournament Entry 3.49% 5.00% $0.49 $1.00 $1.00
US Dollar Tabletop Tournament Entry 3.49% 5.00% $0.49 $1.00 $1.00
US Dollar No Fees 0.00% 0.00% $0.00 $0.00 $1.00
US Dollar Registration Only 3.49% 2.00% $0.49 $1.00 $1.00
US Dollar No Melee Platform Fees 3.98% 0.00% $0.49 $0.00 $1.00
Canadian Dollar Tabletop Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% $0.59 $1.30 $1.30
Canadian Dollar Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% $0.59 $1.30 $1.30
Canadian Dollar Registration Only 5.99% 2.00% $0.59 $1.30 $1.30
Canadian Dollar No Melee Platform Fees 5.99% 0.00% $0.59 $0.00 $1.30
Australian Dollar Tabletop Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% $0.59 $1.50 $1.50
Australian Dollar Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% $0.59 $1.50 $1.50
Australian Dollar Registration Only 5.99% 2.00% $0.59 $1.50 $1.50
Australian Dollar No Melee Platform Fees 5.99% 0.00% $0.59 $0.00 $1.50
Euros Tabletop Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% €0.39 €1.00 €1.00
Euros Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% €0.39 €1.00 €1.00
Euros Registration Only 5.99% 2.00% €0.39 €1.00 €1.00
Euros No Melee Platform Fees 5.99% 0.00% €0.39 €0.00 €1.00
Japanese Yen Tabletop Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% ¥49 ¥140 ¥140
Japanese Yen Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% ¥49 ¥140 ¥140
Japanese Yen Registration Only 5.99% 2.00% ¥49 ¥140 ¥140
Japanese Yen No Melee Platform Fees 5.99% 0.00% ¥49 ¥0 ¥140
Pound Sterling Tabletop Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% £0.39 £1.00 £1.00
Pound Sterling Tournament Entry 5.99% 5.00% £0.39 £1.00 £1.00
Pound Sterling Registration Only 5.99% 2.00% £0.39 £1.00 £1.00
Pound Sterling No Melee Platform Fees 5.99% 0.00% £0.39 £0.00 £1.00



Approximately a week after a tournament concludes, organizers will automatically receive entry fee reimbursements. Every Tuesday, funds for each tournament that ended more than a week prior will be released to organizers. Reimbursements are sent to the PayPal account linked to the organization, with the total payout for each tournament being the sum of all collected entry fees, minus any platform or refund fees linked to fees collected outside of the Melee website.

Currently, there are no fees for transferring entry fee reimbursements.

Tournaments that are not marked as “Ended” will not receive reimbursement. A tournament automatically ends when the result of the last round is submitted. If there are additional rounds, phases, or unresolved matches, the tournament will not end. Additionally, organizers must manually end registration-only tournaments via the Tournament Controller.


Organizers can view each tournament entry record and entry fee reimbursement in their organization's dashboard.

Charity Tournaments

For tournaments where the entry fees mainly go to charity, Melee will waive the Melee Platform Fee. Only Third Party Processing and Per-Transaction Fees linked to third-party payment processors will apply. For assistance, email us at