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Below is a list of frequently asked questions broken down by Organizers and Players. For updates on our newest features and information on Melee, please like us on Facebook and check out news updates on our Home Page and What's New section.

Player Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with a tournament, who should I contact?

You should first contact the Tournament Organizer. You can send them a support ticket by navigating to the yellow “Contact Tournament Staff” button found in the top right corner of the tournament’s view page, or by clicking on the “Get Help” button in the bottom right which should direct you to the Organizer’s Discord server. If that does not work or your issue is specific to the Melee platform, you can email us at or join our Discord server.

How do I verify my Discord and/or Twitch account?

You can do this by editing your profile. On the navigation tab, click your avatar and then “Your Profile” in the drop down. Then click on your “Profile Settings” to find “Your Melee Account”. Here you can select the “Third-party Apps” tab on the left-hand side. From there, simply select the account you want to link to your Melee account!

I entered a tournament with an entry fee, but am no longer able to play. How can I get refunded?

Refunds will happen automatically as long as you unenroll yourself before the tournament starts.

I'm on the waitlist for a tournament, what does that mean?

Being on the waitlist means you are in the queue to be added to the tournament if someone else who is fully registered does not check in. You should be on your player controller and checked in at the start of the tournament. If there is room because another registered player did not check in, the system will automatically add waitlist players in the order they were waitlisted. You can see which number on the waitlist you are by searching for your name on the Tournament Page you enrolled on.

I was on my Player Controller, but it did not alert me when the match started.

There are some very rare instances when players will disconnect from their Player Controller. This can be caused by browser extension interfering or the browser going into sleep mode. If you experience these issues, please disable any extensions while playing in tournaments. You can also join Melee Premium which includes a feature that sends SMS text pairings directly to your phone.

Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an organizer and run my own tournaments using Melee?

Once you’ve created a player account on Melee, navigate to “Organizers” on the navigation bar. In the drop down you’ll find “Become an Organizer”. Follow the steps on setting up your Organization, and start running tournaments!

How do I contact Melee staff?

You can email us at for less urgent issues. For the fastest response time, we suggest joining our Discord server. There you’ll be able to get the “Tournament Organizer” role in the #Roles channel, then message us in the #Organizer-Support channel. Please add “@CustomerService” in your message to guarantee notifications on our end as Discord notifications can be hit-or-miss.

You can also use the feedback link at the top of the page to submit feature requests, report bugs, or report user behavior.

How do I enable entry fees on my Organizer account?

You can enable entry fees for your tournaments by connecting a PayPal account on your edit organizer page. This will unlock the option to run tournaments with Entry Fees in your tournament’s edit page. By enabling entry fees, you agree to the Melee Terms of Service and we suggest you read up on our Entry Fee and Payment Policies.

When will I get paid out for tournaments that have an entry fee?

Payouts for cash entry tournaments happen on the first Tuesday that is (5) business days after your tournament has entered the “Ended” phase. For more information, please review our Entry Fee and Payments Policies.

I have a paid entry tournament and there seems to be an issue with a payment, how do I resolve payment issues?

Payment issues happen rarely, but if someone believes they were double charged or charged and not added to the tournament, contact us on our discord and tag “@CustomerService”, or send an email to if the problem isn't something that needs to be resolved immediately.

Can I charge entry fees for digital events without being a Wizards Play Network (WPN) store?

You can! Wizards of the Coast recently updated their Community Tournament Guidelines allowing non-WPN organizers to run tournaments with entry fees.

Why does my Organization have a player cap of 128?

New Organizations have a base player cap of 128. This helps ensure a smooth and enjoyable digital tournament for everyone involved. To increase your Organization's player cap for tabletop tournaments, email us at If you’re planning to run a digital tournament with more than 128 players, please include what number you’d like your cap to increase to, and the number of staff you’ll have to facilitate a tournament of that size.

Do you plan on supporting other games as well?

Yes, absolutely yes! We’re currently focusing on Magic: the Gathering for now, but future plans include supporting other games as well.